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Kirkenes - Where Lapland meets the Arctic Ocean

Kirkenes is a small town in the eastern part of northern Norway, which offers beautiful and scenic nature. Our small town offers activities for people of all ages and interesting local history. In Kirkenes you can learn about the samic heritage and the history behind the foundation of Kirkenes in 1826. 

Cruise ships can berth Kirkenes directly to the center of the town, with a short distance to the local attractions and shopping malls. Kirkenes is renowned for being the capital of King Crab fishing in Norway, the Bordermuseum and our many festivals in the summer and winter.


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Please contact the Port Authority if you have any questions about cruise at+47 414 54 992 or  havnevakt@svk.no


In the Far North of Finnish Lapland lies the arctic travel destination of Lapland North. Welcome to enjoy the opportunities for year-round travel offered by Finland’s two largest national parks, vibrant local culture, and numerous outdoor activities amid the majestic fells.

Lapland North is a unique, family-friendly destination with pristine, unspoiled Arctic wilderness and high-quality services.

Quay facilities

Other piers can be used on a request to the Port Authority.

Dypvannskaia cruise pier

Latitude. N 69.43,7 Longitude. E 030.04,8

Technical data:

  • Length 94 meters
  • Width 11 meters
  • Depth 13,8 meters
  • Load 7 tons pr. M2
  • Point load 100 tons pr. M2

Ship measurements:

  • Max. ship length 320 meters
  • Max. ship draft 12 meters
  • Max. air draft unlimited

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