All prices are stated in Norwegian kroner ex. VAT. and fees from external. Based on the port`s interests, an agreeement can be entered into with individual users/customers that deviates from rates and fixed prices. The customer is obliged to pay the price that is applicable at all times in the port regulations or the price that has benn specifically agreed. 

Fees are stipulated in local regulations for respecitive fees and charges.

More information can be found under in the port regulations.


Port Regulations

Prices, terms and services

Price estimate calculator

Denne typen gjelder kun for fartøy til og med 20 000 bruttoton.



Kaivederlag per døgn



Our price estimate calculator estimates costs per. day for port call fee, quay fee and ISPS safety fee. Other fees, such as waste fees and services, etc. may be added. 

* Subject to any price adjustments and calculation errors. Any discounts are not deducted. 

Minimum port call fee: NOK ,- 300 per. day
Minimum quay fee: NOK ,- 350 per. day

Separate rates apply for the coastal route and cruise ships. Contact the Port Authority for more information. 

The prices are taken from the current port regulations for port of Kirkenes. All prices are stated ex. VAT. 

Terms of payment

Payments to port of Kirkenes are due for payment no later than 21 days after the invoice date. Late payments are charged with accordance with norwegian law.

Invoices are issued primarily in EHF format, manual invoicing can be agreed exceptionally for shorter periode. 

Fees and remuneration are rounded to the full NOK, according to normal rules, so that the minimum total invoice amount is set at NOK,- 100. 


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