Goods remuneration

Goods remuneration is payment for goods transport by use of public quays, storage areas and other port facilities. All goods ashore on to a quay, loaded or unloaded to or from a vehicle on to a quay or to a harbour area controlled by the Port of Kirkenes - and has not been exempted from goods remuneration by port authority - is eligible for goods remuneration. 

Goods remuneration payment covers goods stored on quays, harbour areas, or other Port of Kirkenes facilities for 24 hours after loading/unloading or up to 24 hours prior to start of loading/unloading.

Goods remuneration is calculated based on goods weight in metric tons. Volume-goods is recalculated to goods weight and 1m³ equals no less than 0,5 tons. Only goods withouth weight or gross-weight information provided in a consignment note or bill of lading is regarded as volume-goods. 

Payment of goods remuneration for goods transported into the Port of Kirkenes is the responsibility of the goods recipient. For goods transported out of the Port of Kirkenes, payment of goods remuneration is the responsibility of the goods-shipping body, unless the bill of lading confirms hat goods remuneration is calculated as part of the freight costs which will be invoiced to the ship/goods receiving body.

More information on goods remuneration can be found under in the port regulation (in Norwegian only - English version tbd).


Port Regulations

Prices, terms and services


For extraordinarily heavy og voluminous goods and dangerous goods that requires special port arrangements, goods remuneration is calculated by the port authorities individually from case to case.

Goods in storage on quays or in port areas without prior agreement, and overdue uncollected goods may be removed and stored at the expense of the recipient or goods-shipping body. Uncollected goods that is more than three months overdue may be sold by the port authority on public auction or directly after prior public notification. 

Perishable goods may be destructed if required.       

Limitation of liability

The Port of Kirkenes is not responsible for damage, wastage or other reduction of the value of goods stored in port areas. Goods owner and freight-forwarder is required to arrange storage in a way that minimise use of storage area. Goods storage 10 meters from the quay-front is allowed under prior agreement with the port authorities only. The port authorities has in any case the right to order removal or relocation of goods or remove/relocate goods at the expense of the goods owner. 

Goods remuneration exemption 

Goods remuneration is not charged for:

  • Individual passengers luggage
  • Provisions or other ship necessities less than 10 tons in total
  • Fuel provided from dedicated land facilities
  • Ballast
  • Goods under temporary loading/unloading to be returned on board as part of the loading process
  • Recycling of empty containers or goods carriers to logistics companies or freight forwarders or ship owners used for handling goods eligible for goods remuneration in any sea area within the municipality of Sør-Varanger.


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