ISPS - Port Security

Port of Kirkenes contains six ISPS-accredited port facilities, four of which are public. Our ISPS port facilities are of the OFF and ON types and comply with "The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code". 

The Norwegian Coastal Administration`s safety criteria for receiving ISSC vessels to the ISPS quays in Kirkenes are also met by us. As a result, vessels with an ISSC certificate may be assigned a berth at one of our ISPS port facilities. The ISPS regime is active for every ISSC call. This means that the quay is fenced in, the gates are locked, and unauthorized people are barred from entering.

All calls to our port facilities must be reported no later than 24 hours before arrival upon registration in SafeSeaNet. 

Access to ISPS port facilities

Prior approval or completion of an approved ISPS course, as well as a valid access card / identification, are necessary for access to the ISPS port facility. When the ISPS regime is in effect, personnel and vehicles might be sibjected to security checks at the individual port facility. 

Personnel inside the ISPS port facility must have valid identification. A driver`s license, a bank card with a photo, or a passport are all acceptable forms of identification. 

Port Security


Maung San Lwin

Telefon:+47 957 64 771



Jan Olav Hansen

Telefon: +47 414 54 992



Nikita Nerland

Telefon: +47 401 03 403



Inside the ISPS port facilities, photography and videography are prohibited. If there is a need for this, it must be addressed with the administration ahead of time. Feel free to tell us whay you want to photograph and the content of the picture. 

ISPS - Terminals


Kimek +47 789 77 100

Tschudi Bulk Terminals +47 789 91 082


Dypvannskaia, Industrikaia, Sentrumskaia, Hurtigrutekaia

Port Authority +47 414 54 992

ISPS fees and charges

ISPS fees and charges can be found in the port regulations by following the link below. 

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